Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Trailer Park Boys

Preface: Trailer Park Boys is a Canadian "mockumentary" taking place in beautiful SunnyVille trailer park. The show finished its 7th season, and is aired on "Show Case" channel in Canada. TPB is full of harsh language, drug use, alcohol, fictional depiction of illegal acts, and hilarity. It really is a different type of humor than most are used to, but I urge open-minded viewers to check it out.

Oh god, I love this show. It is brilliant. I think it takes a little getting used to, though I immediately liked it when I saw it in 2003. The characters are awesome. I love Bubbles, Ricky and Julian, but I don't really miss Cory and Trevor. Every season, with the exception of season six, is gold. I'm not sure what happened during season 6, but the writing and general quality of the season isn't up to the level of the rest.

Jim Lahey is so pathetic and so drunk, he is only occasionally funny to me with his shit references. Randy is a great component to the show, but rarely makes me laugh. I do laugh at jokes at Randy's expense quite frequently.

I freakin' hate Cyrus, but I love how he always ends up getting screwed by the TPB. Lucy and Sara were funnier to me in the earlier seasons, generally before Sara took a liking toward Cory and Trevor.

Seriously though, Bubbles is the star of the show. If he and Ricky left, I wouldn't watch anymore. You often end up feeling sorry for him, but he is awesome. His solo commentary is hilarious, his interactions with other characters are no less funny.

Ricky's constantly messing up words/entire-sentences are awesome. "I didn't want to say atadaso but a fucking todaso!" Also, his constant stupidity is hilarious to me. I'm not sure why.

Julian is funniest when put in an awkward position, which is good because he tends to gravitate towards those (usually to clean them up).

J-ROC is pretty consistently funny. His rapping sucks but is often funny and I do admit to laughing at his emulating a turntable. "WizzzzzzzzaayyyyyyyAyin! Know what I'm s-z-s-z-sz-zayin!!" LOL

Really the only thing funny about Phil Collins is that his name is actually "Philadelphia Collins" which is beyond awesome and I laugh every time I think of this. His character is not at all funny to me.

By season, they are all 4.5 out of 5 starts except season 6 which is 3.0 out of 5. Seriously, just don't even watch that one. If you read all this and haven't seen the show, wow. Go watch!

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